View Full Version : Can you search the ASM code?

22nd October 2004, 21:32
With the current editor, you can view the asm code, but you can't search in it. If you try to search, it finds text in the basic code. If you want to search, you have to open the asm code in a new window, not with the View menu.

Will the new editor/ide allow you to view and search the asm as you work on the basic code?

22nd October 2004, 22:08
The new IDE has a dedicated plug in for working in asm. Just hit F2 and you open a new program that lets you write, edit, compile and yes search the ASM.

In fact the plug-in system is a really powerfull addition and once the hooks are published you (or some one else) could easly write a program that will automaticaly open the PDF manual for the pic from a data base and if it's not there down load it for you. The plug in can ask the IDE for all kinds of information inluding the current processor. An example is the VSM system the pluging for that will load in the program you are writting directly into the virtual Proton Dev board configuring the Xtal speed etc for you.

The development of the IDE has not finished yet and there are more features to be added (free), these and new updates to the compiler will automaticaly down load when available. No messing with activation codes any more.

While on the subject of the IDE, when you start to play with it you will see the power of the system. Take for instance... You decalre a variable in an include, then in your main program you declare it again. The IDE will warn you that it has already been decalred as it has already searched the include for you.

Want to look at what variable and lables were used in that include? Don't bother opening the file just look at the explorer window and see whats been used with out even having to open file.