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13th September 2003, 14:58
Although these products are very popular with professional developers, we think that they are probably ideal for schools and colleges to integrate card systems into libraries, lunch halls etc.

Any iddeas? / Comments?



The main commercial uses that our "professional" buyers put these products to are data logging and secure access applications, but there must be other uses on the non commercial / educational scene?

19th March 2004, 11:18
I wish to use smart card with a 16F74 - i don't know anything about smart card at this time. Is your Proton Smart kit the good way for training ? Is this kit ok with ISO 7816-3,4 standart ?
The 16F74 is already using port B for a keyboard, port D for a display, port C for control lines, and only port A is free. Is it enough for smart card driving ?
Thanks for helping me to do the right choice.

20th March 2004, 06:55
The Proton-Smart card development board is an excellent way to learn how to integrate smart cards into your picbasic project. The documentation is as always very clear and detailed with plenty of example code and explainations of how the code works.

Although the demostrations on the proton smart board are not written around port A of the 74, you should bve able to adapat the code to use Port A on your chosen device.