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5th June 2003, 12:10
Hi Guys,

Talk about fast development.........

Unpacked the board....

Modified source so that the board would work on my LAN.

Got the time server demo working locally.

Modified the source to talk to demon's time server.

Had an idea !!!!??!!!!!

Now have RS232 data going into the .net board and out on UDP to an client across the internet.

Well happy :-)


6th June 2003, 07:58
Hello Stuart,

Wow, you work fast!, you have an application up and running already?!

Maybe if you have time, you could explain a little about your application? I'm sure that other users would like to hear what you've done with the Proton-Net, it may also inspire others to reach out over the internet with their PIC BASIC projects!

Serial to Ethernet seems to be a popular request, do you think we should make a dedicated module that takes in serial data and sends it out via the ethernet? Would this be a useful building block?

Is your application uni or bi directional?

So many questions!!!, i'm anxious to see Proton-Net being used to develop real life Internet based PIC BASIC applications :-)

30th June 2003, 13:51
I am just exploring an application for the office. We have a door entry system that works on rs232. However the range on the cabling is limiting. We are however flood cabled for CAT5. I was wanting to create a range extender for two rs232 inputs at 9600 and transfer them to the controller via TCP/IP. At the other end resolve the information back into the two original rs232 outputs.

Would any body be able to point me in the right direction?

1) Would this work fine for 2 RS232 inputs?
2) Will it work with TCP/IP rather than UDP as this is important recorded information.



4th July 2003, 19:35
TCP rather than UDP,,,, why?

All you need to do is impliment a delivery checking protocol using UDP as the transport.

UDP is way faster than TCP/ip by virtue of the fact that there's virtually no protocol overhead. So you can easily use UDP and impliment a simple protocol to ensure the data arrives safely and intact. It will be fast and small, ideally suited to an embedded solution. Without the bulk and code expense of a full TCP/IP stack!

The Proton Net Development system will allow you to develop your application, including a protocol.

We will release the proton-net lite board soon, carrying just the components required for the network interface and a pic for your code with IO to another board (or door lock or whatever)

5th July 2003, 10:18
Great thanks. I look forward to see the lite board.