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  1. TI 25.00 coupon
  2. Print ink-based electrical circuitry using a desktop printer
  3. RF proximity sensor?
  4. Instant Inkjet Circuits
  5. Printing Silver Circuit Boards on Multiple Materials
  6. New Microchip Single Phase Power Meter MCP39F501
  7. New PIC12(L)F157X and PIC16(L)F161X microcontrollers
  8. New low power Capacitive Touch Controllers
  9. First high-sensitivity 1200 V, 25 A Triac
  10. New ADG5419 single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switch
  11. New MCP8063 driver for brushless DC motors
  12. New PWM controller with integrated PIC
  13. New 60V input voltage range converters
  14. New Microchip 1.8v SPI flash memory
  15. New Microchip 5 kohm Digital Potentiometers With 36V Operating Voltage
  16. New PIC24F “GB2” MCUs Enable Secure Data Transfer and Storage
  17. Microchip Releases the RN4020 Bluetooth Smart Module
  18. New supercapacitor charger and backup controller IC
  19. New AC switches are designed for office and home AC mains
  20. New Microchip Zero-Drift MCP6N16 Instrumentation Amplifier
  21. Microsoft purchased ISSC Technologies
  22. Maxim Petaluma (MAXREFDES30#) subsystem reference design
  23. Farsens Battery Free Sensor Solutions
  24. Microchip Technology Core Independent Peripherals
  25. New TI INA225 Current-Shunt Monitor
  26. What's New at TI - August 2014
  27. Analog Devices resources
  28. New Ti 20 & 30A Synchronous Buck Converters
  29. ST's Teseo automotive positioning system
  30. TI's DLP LightCrafter Display 2010
  31. TI's RFID Transceiver Reference Design
  32. New Analog Devices single-pole/single-throw (SPST) switches
  33. Inductive Charging Set kit
  34. Linear new product releases (8)
  35. TI's SimpleLink Bluetooth modules available today
  36. New PIC16LF1554/1559 14/20-pin Flash, 8-bit MCUs
  37. New ST VL6180X Proximity and ambient light sensing (ALS) module
  38. New Microchip 34AA04 4K I2C Serial EEPROM
  39. New Honeywell Nanopower Series Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs
  40. New Sensors from Measurement Specialties
  41. Fairchild's new FTCO3V455A1 − 3-Phase, Variable Speed Drive Automotive Power Module
  42. New Off-the-Shelf 4-in-1 Wi-Fi Antenna from Taoglas
  43. New Microchip 3-phase Brushless DC (BLDC) motor gate drivers
  44. New at TI for October 2014
  45. New TI TPS92410 is an advanced linear driver for LED lighting
  46. New Microchip High-Voltage Capacitive Touchscreen Line Driver
  47. TI's TPS54560 4.5 V to 60 V Input, 5 A, Step Down DC-DC Converter
  48. ST's new VN5MB02-E motor bike blinker
  49. ST's new ACST1035 (10 A) and ACST1235 (12 A) AC switches
  50. ST's new "AC" series diodes
  51. New Microchip MCP19118/19 power converter
  52. New Microchip SuperFlash Memory
  53. TI's Synchronous Buck Converters Video
  54. TI's 2014 ESD Protection Guide
  55. New Analog Devices highest precision highest speed motor speed sensor.
  56. New PIC16F161x Microchips
  57. TI's new 2015 battery management guide
  58. New Panasonic ambient light sensor
  59. PIC Angular Timer Demonstration
  60. Whats new at TI December 2014
  61. ST's new digital audio processor
  62. New Microchip 5 volt DSPIC33"EV" family
  63. TI's How to easily tune your stepper motor video
  64. GHI Electronics Kickstarter Camera
  65. New Measurement Specialties MS8607 pressure, temperature and humidity (PTH) sensor
  66. Maxim's Himalaya step-down switching regulators
  67. Maxims MAX35103 ultrasonic heat and flow meter
  68. New forum for posting new devices
  69. New ST LPS25HB atmospheric pressure sensor
  70. Sub-GHz artical
  71. Intersil's 100W ISL8225M Power Module
  72. Supercapacitor power storage bank article
  73. Serialize video into an SDI stream to TX over cable and RX
  74. What's new at TI
  75. ST's Smart Antenna tuning solution
  76. Linx networkable HumDT tranceiver
  77. Wirelessly Charged Microchip Expands Opportunities for Implantables
  78. TI Evaluation Boards at DigiKey
  79. TI's new voice controlled TV remote
  80. Wireless power system charges devices up to 20 feet away
  81. New Bosh BME680 environmental sensor
  82. CoolChip Technologies kinetic cooling for CPU's
  83. 3D Printing Pen 2.0
  84. Bosch Sensortec announces the BMI160 Inertial Measurement Unit
  85. Microchips new SST26WF080B/080BA Serial Quad flash memory device
  86. TI's new N channel NexFET MOSFETs with industries lowest Rdson
  87. Microchips new MGC3030 3D Gesture controller
  88. Crystal-oscillator circuit is ultralow power
  89. The Art of Electronics new 3rd Edition
  90. New Maxim MAX11904 20-Bit, 1Msps, Low-Power, Fully Differential SAR ADC
  91. MAX35102 ultrasonic heat meter and flow meter
  92. MAX35101 ultrasonic heat meter and flow meter demo board
  93. New Linear Technology LTC2875 High Speed CAN Transceiver
  94. 4 new TI Simple Switcher nano modules
  95. New ST 100 W LED street lighting evaluation board
  96. XBee® Zigbee Cloud kit video by DigiKey
  97. STC3115 Gas gauge IC
  98. SCT20N120 silicon carbide Power MOSFET
  99. New TI RS485 Reference Guide
  100. New ST LIS2HH12 three-axis linear accelerometer
  101. New MAX21105 3-axis gyroscopes plus 3-axis accelerometer
  102. New PIC16(L)F1769 family for power conversion
  103. Microchips New Motion Module Makes Motion Monitoring Easy
  104. What's new at TI March 2015
  105. Go Cellular With The Spark Electron
  106. -80°C Temperature Data Logger with External Thermistor Probe
  107. MAX14721–MAX14723 adjustable overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protection
  108. Maxims 8-Channel, Digital-Input Micro PLC Card
  109. Microchip RN2483 with new LoRa low-data-rate M2M
  110. What is this new LoRa Technology?
  111. NXP and Freescale Announce $40 Billion Merger
  112. Linear LT3042 Ultra Low Noise LDO for use with RF
  113. e-book, Analog Engineers Pocket Reference
  114. New Microchip MCP47FEBXX
  115. TI's new PCM186x family of audio front-end ADCs
  116. TI's new zero standby power consumption power solutions
  117. New SST26VF Memory provides the fastest erase times in the industry
  118. New Microchip SST11CP22 WiFi power amplifier
  119. New Microchip MCP2561/2FD Can Transceiver
  120. TPS1H100-Q1 Smart High Side Switch
  121. TDC1000 Ultrasonic Sensing Analog Front End
  122. INA300 Over-Current Detector (Fuse replacement)
  123. What's new at TI April 2015
  124. LTC7860 - High Efficiency Switching Surge Stopper
  125. BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab
  126. Battery Backup from USB to 1-Cell Applications
  127. Microchip LAN9252 stand-alone EtherCAT slave controller
  128. MCP39F511 Power Monitoring Device
  129. LSM6DS3 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope
  130. BQ40Z60 Multi-Cell Battery Manager and Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge
  131. H3LIS331DL low-power high-performance 3-axis linear accelerometer
  132. RF430FRL152H Battery-less NFC/RFID Temperature Sensing Patch design
  133. Microchip Reclaims Top 8-bit Microcontroller Revenue Ranking
  134. PAN1740 Series nanopower Bluetooth
  135. TMC2130 and TMC2100 extremely silent Stepper Driver
  136. Worlds first multichannel inductance-to-digital converters
  137. BQ25892 5A Fast Charger
  138. Masters 2015 reference material
  139. Worlds fastest 16-bit ADC
  140. dsPIC33EP GS Family for Digtal Power Applications
  141. BlueNRG-MS very low power Bluetooth
  142. Industrial Plus series of Serial EEPROMs operates up to 105 C
  143. STripFET F7 Series Power MOSFETs
  144. MCP37DX0-200 and MCP372X0-200 high speed ADCs
  145. Battery Management System Tutorial
  146. INA300 Low or High-Side Over Current Detector
  147. DLP2010NIR and DLP4500NIR DLP Solutions for Spectroscopy
  148. Touch on Metal Buttons With Integrated Haptic Feedback
  149. Microchip FRAM MCU's
  150. PAC1921 power-monitoring device with analog output of power current or voltage
  151. Indoor tracking to within 10cm or 4inch
  152. PGA900 signal conditioner for resistive sensing applications
  153. Projected-Capacitive Touch Screen Controller
  154. HumDT Series Wireless UART Data RF Transceiver Module
  155. DRV8701 12-V to 24-V Bidirectional Full Bridge Brushed DC Motor Gate Driver
  156. Whats new at TI July 2015
  157. LTC2348-18 low power 8-Channel 18-Bit Simultaneous Sampling ADC
  158. TIs UCC27201A-Q1 fastest 120-V high-side low-side gate driver
  159. LCP22 protection IC for telecoms Tip and Ring
  160. INA250 First current-sense amplifier with integrated shunt resistor
  161. Trinamics TMC5041 and TMC5072 with minimal low speed hum of stepper motors
  162. HMR3601 Gyro-Stabilized Digital Compass
  163. New PIC16F1579 and PIC16F18877 families with Core-Independent Peripherals
  164. Microchip Curiosity PIC 8 bit Development Board
  165. ADS1262 ADS1263 32-Bit Precision, 38-kSPS ADC
  166. Isolated AC voltage and amperage measurement reference design
  167. Intel, Micron reveal Xpoint, a new PC memory architecture
  168. USB Type-C Power Delivery controller
  169. Whats new at TI August 2015
  170. Analog front-end (AFE) devices with integrated 24-bit sigma-delta converter cores
  171. FDC1004 Liquid-level sensor
  172. PUI Audio enclosed loudspeakers
  173. LTC3305 Lead Acid Battery Balancer
  174. New PIC24FJ256GA412/GB412 FAMILY
  175. Whats new at TI for September 2015
  176. MCP9600 system-on-a-chip thermocouple-conditioning IC
  177. LTC3335 Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Integrated Coulomb Counter
  178. LM53603-Q1 Automotive DC-DC Converter
  179. ADA4571 Magnetic Angle Sensor
  180. Pac1921
  181. BQ33100 Super Capacitor Manager and fuel Gauge
  182. MCP9600 thermocouple converter to Centigrade
  183. FDC2214 noise-immune capacitive sensing
  184. LSM6DS33 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope performing at 1.25 mA
  185. INA188 the first zero-drift, 36-V instrumentation amplifier
  186. LTC3335 Nanopower Buck-Boost DC to DC with Integrated Coulomb Counter
  187. ADA4530-1 op amp with low input bias current
  188. ISL29501 Time of Flight proximity detector and distance sensor
  189. LDC1101 Inductance-to-Digital Converter
  190. MTCH102-5-8 low power capacitive touch controllers
  191. Microchip IS1870/71 bluetooth IC
  192. LTC2380-24 24-Bit, 1.5Msps/2Msps, Low Power SAR ADC
  193. 2016 Bluetooth longer range, higher speeds and mesh networking
  194. GS2200MIZ extremely small foot print Wi-Fi module
  195. Lm74610-q1
  196. Room Air Conditioning control for efficiency and quietness
  197. BGM111 bluetooth best-in-class +8dBm TX power performance
  198. Hotspot 2.0 Spreads its Wings
  199. ISO5852S Isolated IGBT Gate Driver industry’s most reliable
  200. Circuit Board Printer wins James Dyson Award
  201. New PIC24F GB6 family include up to 1 MB of Flash memory
  202. Volkswagen to use Google Glasses at its Wolfsburg plant
  203. Whats new at TI November 2015
  204. Whats new at TI October 2015
  205. Calculation of I2C pullup resistors
  206. Dead Reckoning Automotive Way
  207. MCP48FXBXX Digital-to-Analog converter families feature 8, 10 and 12-bit resolution
  208. Self-Healing Gel Makes Electronics More Flexible
  209. NCP4371 a HVDCP Controller for Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 3.0
  210. Long Range Meets Low Power LoRa® Technology
  211. MLX73290-M 300 to 930MHz multi-channel transceiver chip
  212. Blinking Replaces the Double Click
  213. OPA1622 industries highest performance audio operational amplifier
  214. Holus (H+) Technnology
  215. Year end top posts of each month in New Devices and Techniques
  216. DRV8880 2A auto tuning stepper motor driver
  217. New upcoming WiFi-HaLow
  218. World's First Desktop 3D Printer for PCBs
  219. LMZ36002 SIMPLE SWITCHER power module
  220. High Performance Conductive Silicone
  221. Microchip automotive-grade SST26VF NOR Flash products
  222. Microchips Integrated 2D Projected and 3D gestures development kit an Industry first
  223. Microchips new MCP48FXBXX Digital-to-Analog converter families
  224. Microchip New LoRa Module for North America (LPWAN)
  225. Engineers Create WiFi using 10,000 Times Less Power than Regular Methods
  226. ADG5412F Quad SPST Switches
  227. Why Sub 1 GHz?
  228. OLIVIA Time-of-Flight 3D Range sensor
  229. PNI Precision Navigation Modules (Heading Sensor Systems)
  230. Microchip Announces Four Low-Power Embedded WiFi Solutions
  231. MCP19116/7 PWM controller with integrated 8 bit PIC for LED lighting apps
  232. New accelerometer, magnetometer LSM303D
  233. MCP990X family of temperature sensors for cold, outdoor and industrial low temperatur
  234. TCK106AF, TCK107AF and TCK108AF single-chip load switch ICs
  235. Schottky Diode Generation 5
  236. Solar inverter reference designs
  237. T962 Infrared SMD BGA IC Heater Automatic Reflow Oven
  238. VIPER0P Zero-power off line high voltage converter
  239. TCAN1042 and TCAN1051 chokeless high-speed CAN transceiver families
  240. Wi Fi that finds you
  241. Contactless patient monitoring achieved with SCA10H and SCA11H ballistocardiography
  242. Ethernet module
  243. DRV10970 DRV10975 Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver
  244. ADN4650 ADN4651 industry’s fastest low LVDS isolators
  245. ADC32RF45 industry's fastest 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  246. LTC4380 Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper
  247. ISO7842DWW family is first high-performance easy to solder digital isolator
  248. LTC3895 4-140v in, .8-60v out, 40uA Step-Down DC-DC Controller
  249. New Bluetooth 5 spec
  250. MASTERs 2016 – Microchip Technical Training Conference