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  1. Mini Parallel Printer Project
  2. Picbasic USB firmware platform thumbs up!
  3. speedometer with 3310 lcd
  4. Decimal to Hex Conversion for DS1307 RTC
  5. Octobrite RGB Led Display and TLC5947
  6. multitasking..
  7. Mpasm and assembly
  8. sending pulses to TSOP1838 using PMW
  9. Generating pulses at 200khz
  10. how to... Led as a Sensor and emiter
  11. how do you delete one line on the LCD screen?
  12. how do i translate ascii data to char ???? using the rsin comand?????
  13. liquid level controller project
  14. Bsoch BMP085
  15. Sky+ HD remote emulation.
  16. Fast serial ram
  17. LTC2410 - Wheatstone Bridge Weigh Scale
  18. Multitasking OS
  19. Asembler Question...
  20. Making Polyphonic Music with PICBASIC and the Proton Compiler - looking for diagrams.
  21. 18F4550 USB to visual Basic 2010 ADC project
  22. Configuring and transmitting data through MRF24J40
  23. EMF / RFI radiation issue?
  24. [SOLVED !] program a router in microCfor PIC 16f887
  25. NEED Help for the wireless RF module MRF24J40MA connected to PIC18F87J11
  26. PIC18F4550 USB USART example code in the proton
  27. pprint glcd?
  28. Pic16f628a + lmx2330
  29. RF Channel settings of a ER400TRS easy radio transceiver
  30. Interfacing Max3155 Thermocouple Chip
  31. Has anyone played with this display?
  32. H-bridge driver using tc4469
  33. HHO EFIE Oxygen Sensor
  34. Help request with program for domotica system.
  35. Working with big projects in PDS
  36. DHT11 temperature sensor from china
  37. trying to measure rpm (time) using interrupts and timers
  38. 4.3" or 5.0" display, lots of questions.
  39. Proton 24 Development Board
  40. I want to make a digital clock using 4 seven segment
  41. issue in university semester project
  42. PIC16f1527 IC uart register configure doubt.
  43. correct setting and voltage of the MCLR 16F648A
  44. Chage/Fade Color of RGB LED
  45. What to use a command and syntax?
  46. radio control quad copter reciver to pic interface
  47. The ID found <1B03> does not match a 16f723
  48. Blinking Led while main program is running
  49. Bluetooth - Latency
  50. What is the best programming tool for PIC
  51. code misbehavior
  52. can't reprogramming pic
  53. Project working at proteuse .... but not working at real
  54. GLCD font creator
  55. Icom CAT decoder/switch. Need to switch data bits
  56. Ad9850 pic18f2550
  57. Replace the PRINT command to use I2C backpack on 1602 LCD
  58. LPT (parallel) Port communication problem
  59. Quick battery discharge @ switching circuit
  60. Rotary/Quadrature Encoders .. yet again
  61. Measure 1 week whilst in sleep mode
  62. sending data from PIC18F4550 USB to several computers in the LAN via VB.net
  63. Cheap and cheerful way touch button using Rcin command
  64. would add a sd card socket to my board
  65. dot matrix project using 74hc595
  66. play sound using btc sound encoder
  67. MSF Clock using a 16F628 and Symtrik RF module
  68. Mcp9700
  69. Serial strings RS232 & VB.Net
  70. Frequency Counter - complex
  71. Bluetooth module
  72. TEA5767 Radio module.
  73. KeyPad - PIC18F
  74. Barcode generation through pic16f877A
  75. RS-232 to PWM
  76. Buck/boost convertor help
  77. Max31850
  78. Apa102 led
  79. Serial Port/RS232
  80. Phase Difference between two inputs
  81. 8 and 10 bit ADC
  82. Decoding Morse Code in Proton Basic
  83. help using cdata and interrupt
  84. Help using MAX and MIN comands
  85. [SOLVED !] GPS (NMEA) project.
  86. Multi-Master-Slave I2C operation
  87. Problem with 18F14K50 external interrupt
  88. ad5220 help request
  89. data from laptop into pic
  90. Help with storing strings
  91. Help with RA.6 and RA.7 on pic 16f1933
  92. Eread Ewrite odd results
  93. Oled Module
  94. Motor Management ECU
  95. Trying to get some ideas for best way forward
  96. SURE HT1632C 24x16 LED Display
  97. Convert variable decimal to binary
  98. Time divsion multipexing on ir signals
  99. MMC Data logger SD Card .. Confusion/Library File
  100. Multiple values/lookdown, lookup.
  101. Calculating battery life
  102. Flummoxed!! SD Card Library behaves erratically
  103. LM317 Based Disital Lab Power supply
  104. Combining nRF24L01+ with USB - Proof of Concept
  105. Combining nRF24L01+ with USB - A Remote Control Application
  106. Small Project Help
  107. Sk6812 led
  108. how to implement DIM AS CODE
  109. Serial communication between 2 18f25k20
  110. Sziklai/compount BJT pair
  111. need to exit RSin
  112. Can I make my own functions ?
  113. RS485 to HRSin
  114. recording sound
  115. Angle sensor TLE5012
  116. Keeloq Encoder sample
  117. sleep
  118. interrupts andso on
  119. software identification
  120. Need Help with keypad calculator and lcd
  121. Fontconverter error....!
  122. Interrupt handling
  123. LCD with double enable "EnPin1 EnPin2"
  124. Bit banging
  125. Is Amicus18_ADC.Inc can be use with Proton IDE
  126. Pickit3 error: Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application...
  127. Pickit3 as normal communicator
  128. Microchip AN1310 - BootLoader
  129. [SOLVED !] LCD and Keypad input
  130. Porting AN592 Frequency Counter to 18F2550
  131. My own 18f452 dev. board
  132. Need help with fuse config :(
  133. running Pic at lower volatage
  134. BMP180 Pressure Sensor Code
  135. A bootloader project
  136. Capacitor Powered Vehicle Project
  137. multi action led running light using pic16f628A
  138. Serial LCD backpack DIY
  139. A better mousetrap
  140. LCD 4 bit parallel connextions
  141. Timer1 overflow capture event for the 18F25k22
  142. ProtonBasic versus Amicus
  143. [hd44780] Controller received data whhilst busy in proteus simulation
  144. DIY project about circuit of low voltage audio amplifier looks amazing
  145. write to TMR0
  146. Why LM1085 VReg Overheating ?
  147. I cant find Hitachi 44780 up and down arrows
  148. P-ICD Plugin
  149. Looking for beta testers
  150. Waveform generator
  151. Communicating Communication between two PICs using flow control.
  152. Strange Cdata Problem
  153. CCP2 on B3 stops D0 and D1 on 18F46k22
  154. Shout command too slow
  155. Internet Time
  156. 18f2xJ50
  157. RF power meter
  158. Lathe DRO for use with TouchDRO
  159. [SOLVED !] declaring crystall values when using chip pll
  160. [SOLVED !] Taking advantage of the internal voltage references of the 18F25k22 chip on ADC conv.
  161. Using RCin to make a touch button (Eurika)
  162. Print using a SPI I/O expander to a Alpha numeric display
  163. Best GLCD serial displays
  164. Samsung LCD KS0108 display difficulties
  165. Dog finder
  166. The Project about building a PIC-based Beacon Keyer
  167. Question on circuit grounding
  168. Using both SPI and I2C on a single MSSP
  169. [SOLVED !] Problem: When using CCP, the USART does not work
  170. LMX2326 PLL prescaler control
  171. For loop with variable abnormal increase
  172. Prgramming 18FXXXXX chip with USB on board
  173. [SOLVED !] What's killing my chips?
  174. Address of SFR's
  175. Proton stopped working!
  176. HPWM low frquency limitation
  177. Proton stopped working!
  178. A app to include metadata in object code
  179. Bootloader for the 18F26K22
  180. Timer1 overflows