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  1. Bit Array for Proton Picbasic
  2. McPluginMgr.dll missing
  3. 16Fxxx Fuse configurator
  4. Plugin request (pretty please :D )
  5. Easy Header - Beta
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  7. Beta Tester Required
  8. Proton Stats Viewer Plug-In
  9. New Version of Stats Viewer Plug-In
  10. JohnBs Plugin now on Wiki
  11. Plugin request/suggestion...
  12. ProtonHeaderMaker
  13. Why Aren't Plugins installing on the Beta Version
  14. Notepad++: Code Folding & Compiling
  15. ProtonIDE.Shim - Fully managed mcPluginMgr.dll .net wrapper.
  16. A Delphi Class to provide IDE positiion and Window state changes.
  17. Problems installing plugins in Windows 7 64 bit
  18. Nokia 6100 Display problems
  19. Setting up the Proton Compiler with MPLAB IDE
  20. Bookmarks AddIn
  21. Update to Library Manager
  22. PDS Viewer
  23. An HID Terminal (Aka serial communicator but for HID)
  24. HID Communicator
  25. PICŪ Search Tool
  26. New version of Pdf Now
  27. PDS NBitsMath up to 31 Bytes wide
  28. macroFORMAT formats and displays values up to 31 bytes wide as a string
  29. Visual TFT Designer
  30. How to add the SHA256 hash functions into 16f877
  31. SPI switching between 8 bit and 16 bit
  32. Upgrading my Delphi development environment - Need a plugin priority list.
  33. Bubble sort
  34. PDS Viewer Beta test - lookiing for volunteers
  35. Beta testers please for PDS Bookmarks
  36. Yet another version of PDS Viewer
  37. A new Plugin PDS Device Selector
  38. A new Stats collector plugin
  39. Interrupt Wizard Update
  40. Build with UserID
  41. The address of the CONFIG block
  42. Tag programmed any PIC with compiled date and time, compiler and app version